Sports Performance Optimum Training (SPOT) Sessions

S.P.O.T. – Sport Performance Optimum Training

The Sport Performance Optimum Training (S.P.O.T.). S.P.O.T. focuses on improving speed, strength, stamina, flexibility and stability to enhance athletic development and improve their sport specific skills. Training sessions will consist of exercises and drills that work on resistance strength, acceleration, maximal velocity, multidirectional movement, dynamic flexibility, and plyometrics. In addition, weight lifting for advanced and older athletes will be introduced.

Resistance Training

Resistance training is an integral and crucial part of any athlete’s training plan. Resistance training works to increase muscle strength and endurance by doing repetitive exercises with resistance bands, i.e. K-bands or Speedtracs, weights, or weight machines. Resistance training provides a platform to strengthen weak muscles without a heavy work load and it is a prime injury prevention component.

Cardio Conditioning

Getting in shape for the season? Cardio Combo keeps you moving by combining various cardio workouts such as sprints, jogging and total body strength training to improve your aerobic fitness.

Elite Speed Training

Speed and agility are necessary ingredients for success in any sport. This training session focuses on teaching athletes the correct running form and how to accelerate, whether it is first step quickness, or changing directions.

Strength Training

This training session focuses on strength development through the use of machine assisted weights, free weights, and body weight training methods. Instruction on proper lifting technique and training methodologies will be the foundation of these sessions. (This training starts with athletes ages 14 and older.)


TRXFit is an intermediate/advanced class that combines intervals of bodyweight suspension exercises using the TRX system with an intense combination of muscle conditioning exercising including traditional boot camp and plyometric exercises.

Sports Flex

Sports Flex is designed to increase athletes’ flexibility while building strength. The exercise movements are centered on Yoga but combines strength, balance, flexibility, and rest to gain improved physical fitness. Sports Flex increases strength by toning and lengthening the muscles. Athletes will focus on relaxing their bodies and concentrated breathing to bring about mental clarity and stress control.

Private Training

We understand that every athlete has different personal goals and athletic ability. Private training sessions enable athletes to receive individual instruction in specific areas of their game. Our one-on-one sessions will emphasize areas of speed and power development, sports specific training, general fitness, and nutrition. (Available for youth and adults). Sessions are by appointment only and run 60-90 minutes in length. Minimum of 3 sessions must be scheduled.


Team Training (Elite Athletics Program)

The Team Training program is designed to complement the skill development that athletes receive at practice and improve overall performance in a variety of sports, i.e. Baseball, Basketball, Track and Field, Football, Soccer, and Volleyball. Athletes benefit from an array of training techniques designed to deliver an organized, progressive program for an entire team. This program will deliver a challenging workout that is organized, educational, progressive, and customized for your sport team.

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Home School Physical Education

Our Home School P.E. program is designed to improve students’ motor skills, overall fitness level, and to be enjoyable for home school students. This program allows the opportunity for social interaction and development with fellow home schoolers. In addition to our athletic sports training, we incorporate the SPARK PE curriculum into our PE classes to provide a variety of fun and challenging activities that will instill safe and effective fitness habits for our students. SPARK PE is the most researched and field-tested Physical Education program in the world – a true solution to our growing problem of overweight and obese children.


Our Unlimited Memberships are an all access pass to our Sports Performance daily sessions! Our Unlimited Sports Performance Memberships are perfect for athletes that want to get conditioned during the off season, prep for team tryouts, grind to prepare for championship games or just focus on overall fitness.


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