We are conveniently located in Competitive Edge Athletic Center. Athletes and even their parents can now receive physical therapy services and we accept most major insurances.

DMV Sports Medicine Institute is committed to providing an environment dedicated to rehab, elite athletic performance training and general health & fitness training in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Our mission is to safely return athletes back to sports after sustaining an injury and increase an athlete’s sports performance.


Physical Therapy

We specialize in rehab for sports injures. Each athlete will be given individualized treatment based on his or her personal goals.

Injury Prevention Screening

Our screenings will help identify problems that can be addressed before a sidelining injury occurs.

Dry Needling

Dry needling results in the deepest tissue release allowing for improvements in movement and pain.

KT Taping

KT Tape is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons to provide a lightweight, external support that helps you remain active while recovering from injuries.

Video Analysis

Whether an elite or recreational athlete, video analysis will help you become more efficient. Coaches and healthcare professionals can only observe a limited amount with the naked eye.

Post- Operative Rehab

Postoperative rehabilitation is crucial for the success of any surgical procedure. Its purpose is recovering muscle strength, range of motion, coordination in walking and mitigation of the pain.

Injury Prevention Exercise Classes

Our classes consist of a uniquely designed program to provide athletes the ability to boost his or her fitness and health based upon the demands of specific sports.


Our Injury Prevention Exercise Classes utilize the latest research and experience to recognize predisposing factors that can lead to injury such as deconditioning, muscle imbalance, postural abnormalities associated with adolescents and poor movement patterns with sports specific movements.

 Our class  Sign-up Options include:

  • Court Sports (Basketball and volleyball)
  • Playing the field (soccer, lacrosse, field hockey)
  • Own the Diamond (Baseball and Softball)
  • Conquer the Gridiron (Football)
  • Need for Speed (General Sports
  • Conditioning focusing on building speed)
  • Title IX (sports specific training for injury prevention of common injuries in the female athlete)
  • Golf and Golf for Seniors
  • Tennis and Tennis for Seniors
  • Swimming


Keiron has been extremely knowledgable and helpful with my daughters during their sports injuries. He was able to educate us on the pain source, treat it and give us options for prevention. ~Track Mom


Working with Keiron was great. He was knowledgeable and thorough enough to discover exactly what it was that was ailing me and then proposed a clear and effective means of getting back to where I needed to be leading up to the Olympic Games. He is highly recommended as far as I’m concerned and I see myself working with him in the future.   ~Samyr Laine, 2012 Olympic Triple Jumper


DMV Sports Medicine provided professional, effective service. My wife had hip mobility issues post pregnancy and after a few physical therapy sessions and detailed guidance on home exercises, she was able to get back to near 100% after a few weeks. Keiron was great to work with throughout the whole process. ~Joe Carino

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