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Why Are There Age Divisions in Training?

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October 19, 2017

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Whether speaking of extracurricular sports or performance training at Competitive Edge, kids always train within predetermined age divisions. Even when a child excels, they are rarely advanced to the next age division. The reasons for this are many.

Performance Increases With Age

Regular exercise, play and physical fitness are essential for kids of all ages. However, strength, endurance and performance increase gradually as kids age. This means that training must be adjusted accordingly. If kids train too hard too early, it can lead to injury and long-term joint problems. Performance continues to increase with age until your late 20s, then begins to decline by 1-2 percent each year. In other words, age divisions encourage safe training.

Fair Competitive Practices

Since strength and endurance increase with age, training or competing with kids of a similar age group evens the playing field. It minimizes the advantages that an age gap of even a few years provides. It also prevents injuries caused by younger kids trying to keep up with more skilled athletes.

Expands Kids’ Social Circle

Physical development is not the only thing that improves with age, but also kids’ social and communication skills. By training with a group of kids who are within two to four years of age, kids can easily expand their social circle. Extracurricular sports and training are excellent ways to make local friends who go to different schools.

Competitive Edge Age Divisions

Football Team trainingCompetitive Edge has four different age divisions for extracurricular training and fitness. Each age division completes safe, yet challenging, activities appropriate for their age and ability. Our training sessions are a fun and supportive place to train and grow, and each exercise is modified for each student as-needed. Our age groups are as follows:

Developmental Athletics Ages 7 – 9

This age division focuses on building a healthy athletic foundation. Students complete a fun variety of fundamentals of plyometrics, such as running technique, athletic coordination, balance and relative strength, and the introduction of essential muscular movement patterns.

Elevated Athletics Ages 10 – 13

This age division focuses on progression and introduces exercises designed to develop speed, agility and power. Age-appropriate strength and power training are introduced at this age, with close attention to proper form and body mechanics.

Competitive Edge Athletics Ages 14 – 17

This age group is where we focus on fine-tuning the athletic skills of competitive athletes. We identify each athlete’s sport-specific areas of opportunity and personalize their training accordingly. This age group is where we begin to increase strength and power with moderate weights.

Adult Fit Ages 18 and Up

Our Adult Fit program is designed to be a welcoming training space for all fitness levels. Enthusiastic athletes are pushed and challenged, while beginners are provided with modified exercises to work at their own pace. No two of these total body workouts is the same, and each session includes a variety of interval training, speed and agility drills, stations, plyometrics, resistance, body weight strength drills, cardio mix and more.

Competitive Edge aims to develop the “complete athlete” using performance sports training in Woodbridge, VA and surrounding areas. Members are able to enhance their athletic performance and develop a competitive edge to excel in their desired sport.



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