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Track And Field: Beyond the Fundamentals

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March 7, 2018

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Competitive Edge provides track and field workshops and one-on-one training to help student athletes refine their athletic skills. Our program is excellent for pre-season training, year-round conditioning and as a method of improving upon individual areas of opportunity. In addition to performance, our training teaches the form and technique designed to minimize injury and support injury rehabilitation.

The Perfect Solo Sport

One of the things that makes track and field contests appealing is that they are, for the most part, solo experiences. While you are part of a larger team and may participate in relays as part of a team, it is largely an individual sport where every athlete has their own opportunity to shine. While we enjoy training athletes to work together as part of a cohesive team, sometimes a solo sport is simply a better fit. Track and field is also a no-contact sport and requires minimal equipment. Unlike most sports in which there is a game with many variables, track and field is a series of field contests with clear and specific performance goals. Due to the clear-cut nature of the sport, it often requires much greater mental focus.

Event-Specific Training

There are general stretches and exercises that all track and field athletes will benefit from, but we provide athletes with the personalized attention required to improve their event-specific skills. This is perfect for athletes who participate in one event or many events. This includes a combination of fundamentals, such as conditioning, mobility and flexibility training, strength and plyometrics, and event-specific training. We focus on starting blocks and breath while running and jumping. For sprinters, we focus on all phases of sprint mechanics, such as drive, acceleration and deceleration. We provide event-specific training for:

  • 100m, 200m and 400m sprinting
  • 800m, 1500m and 3000m distance running
  • Hurdles
  • High jump
  • Shot put
  • Discus

Beyond the Fundamentals

Track and field often isn’t introduced until middle school, unless elementary students sign up for extracurricular programs outside of school. There may be some running in PE, but it’s typically not enough to familiarize students with the fundamentals of the various events. This means that in just two short years, students must master their events well-enough to compete at a high-school level. That isn’t much time, which is why signing up for track and field at Competitive Edge can help athletes accelerate their progress. We begin with the fundamentals and event-specific training mentioned above, then delve into the strength, power and speed required for success. At the high-school level, we will focus more on developing a healthy competitive mindset.

Perfect for Cross Training

Track And Field: Beyond the FundamentalsThe skills, speed and agility required for sprinting make track and field the perfect cross-training sport for football, basketball, soccer and more. Even if a student doesn’t excel in track and field as much as they do in their primary sport, further developing their body mechanics, speed and agility will complement the other sports they play.

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Competitive Edge aims to develop the “complete athlete” using performance sports training in Woodbridge, VA and surrounding areas. Members are able to enhance their athletic performance and develop a competitive edge to excel in their desired sport.

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