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The Benefits of Off-Season Training

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December 22, 2016

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Up in the deep snows of the Midwest, there is this sign at a golf course that is making a bit of a splash on some social media. The sign has about 5 feet of snow piled around it. The sign says: WINTER YOGA IS GREAT FOR YOUR GOLF SEASON.

The comments are pretty funny. The best one was about how up in that area, the golf season is only two months long and the other 10 months are winter. Funny, right?  But, when you think about it, pretty much every sport has a season. And with every sport comes training. If you are really serious about your sport, then there is off-season training. With off-season training, not only are you staying in shape for your next win, you are working on keeping up with healthy habits and mindful focus that helps you in other areas, like school or work.

Let’s look at a couple of programs that can be used in off-season training at Competitive Edge.

Sports Flex and Focus

Yoga is nothing to sneeze at. While those golfers in the snow may have made a bit of a joke out of it, Yoga was originally used to set the mind to focus and limber up the body for a rigid meditation session.

Our Sports Flex exercise movements can benefit any off-season athlete and are centered on Yoga. They combine strength, focus and flexibility to improve physical fitness. The Sports Flex exercises tone and lengthen the muscles, improving your strength. In addition, Sports Flex assists with injury prevention and recovery from training and competition. Athletes also focus on relaxation and concentrated breathing for mental clarity, body and stress control.

Off the field, you can benefit from the focus and relaxation to help you through stressful exams or high tension days at work. Yoga New Zealand says that Yoga can put you “in the zone” and your brain gets stronger and you can remember things better – which is great, because then most of us will stop losing our phones and I-pods.

Soccer and Goal Setting

Whether you are one season on a team or an old pro, there is always a new “goal” in soccer to meet. Many serious soccer players set an off-season goal to improve a specific set of movements and mechanics and focus on a plan to meet that goal by the time team practices start.

Competitive Edge Soccer camps and training programs are into this type of goal setting as well, working with an athlete to improve movements and mechanics. Sessions can include comprehensive training in ball handling and passing, as well as offensive and defensive player V. player training. We also have weight training and cardio to keep up your strength.

Goal setting off the field is a lot like this as well. When the plan is set in motion, you can follow the progressive steps to meeting a personal goal and know that you made great strides and worked hard to reach it.

Here at Competitive Edge, we are pretty serious about your off-season training as we are about your on-season training. We would love to talk to you about all our training options so you can keep your Competitive Edge. Give us a call or send us an email today. Let your off-season training keep you on track all year round.

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