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Sports and Character Series: Invaluable Life Lessons For Youth Athletes

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April 6, 2017

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Youth athletes practice and compete for the love of the game, but they can learn some invaluable life lessons along the way. Whether your child participates in one sport or many, year-round or only during the season—the lessons they learn will last a lifetime.

Try, Try, Try Again!

Every athlete has room to improve, and their sport of choice challenges them to keep working. This includes improving upon overall skill and ability, their preferred position, or the secondary positions or competitive slots they need to be prepared to fill. Even if your student tries out a new sport for a solo season and it’s not a great fit, they walk away with a sense of accomplishment. Remember it’s not about perfection; it’s about commitment.

How To Preserve

Transitioning from one age group to the next, or from middle school to high school athletic programs, can be overwhelming. There is a lot that can go awry in the midst of a game, or when up against a fierce competitor. Athletes all have off days, and maybe even an off season. Throughout the highs and lows, athletes will learn the powerful skill of perseverance.

To Learn From Their Mistakes

It’s inevitable that every athlete will make a mistake. In the moment, the mistake may feel like the end of the world. Some mistakes may be so impactful that they will be remembered for years to come. However, athletes develop the skills to learn from their mistakes. The real win is when they pick themselves back up and get their head and heart back in the game.

How To Win And How To Lose

A love of athletics displays true sportsmanship, which celebrates the best teams and competitors. This means that you lose with grace and learn how you can do better next time. It means that you win with pride, but also with respect to your competition. It means that you accept the results because you appreciate the skill of a game won fair and square.

How To Work Independently And As A Team

Sports and Character Series: Invaluable Life Lessons For Youth Athletes Even team sports like football, basketball, and baseball require individual performance improvement and the ability to work as part of a cohesive team. This is a skill that students will carry with them to school, work, and personal relationships. They will learn the most talented individual is nothing without a team. They will also learn that the most cohesive team can win big by working together, even if they aren’t the most skilled in their league.

Time Management And Commitment

Joining an athletic team is a commitment that must be taken seriously. It is the time to unplug and focus solely on the task at hand. Students must be timely, follow instructions, and challenge themselves to improve. Also, they must learn to manage and balance homework and personal commitments, as well as prioritize their free-time.

These are just a handful of the invaluable life lessons that student-athletes will learn while participating in sports and extracurricular activities. As always, Competitive Edge is here to support young athletes at every stage of athletic development. Join us for off-season training, spring clinics, summer camps, targeted athletic development—and fun!


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