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Sports and Character: Perseverance

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June 8, 2017

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Perseverance is a skill every athlete must develop in order to succeed. This includes the perseverance to make it through a challenging game, to further develop their technique and to face the challenges of each season head-on. Perseverance is a transferable skillset that helps with time management, achieving long-term goals, and learning the invaluable lessons of life and sport’s inevitable mistakes and setbacks.

There Is Enough Time in the Day

Kids are busier than ever, meaning if they don’t master the art of time management, they will find themselves overcommitted and burnt out. In order to persevere, your student athlete must learn to make the most of their dedicated time commitments. For example, the hour and a half they have in between school and their Competitive Edge private golf lesson could be spent texting and browsing social media, or it could be dedicated to getting their homework done. Once practice is done, they will be happy their homework (or a sizeable chunk of it) is out of the way.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Your student athlete may be passionate about their sports of choice, but their passion and natural talent will only get them so far. Throughout their athletic career, they will experience peaks and plateaus. Even during a peak, your student will have things they are training to improve upon. This could include consistency, performance anxiety and working with new teammates. During plateaus, maintaining motivation, confidence and their level of commitment will require perseverance.

Perseverance and Overcoming Mistakes and Setbacks

Developing perseverance is required to get your head back in the game after a fumble, fall or missed shot. Just like in all areas of life, if we allow a second or two to shade the rest of our performance, we might not recover. However, if we can brush it off and get our head back in the game, we can often overcome the momentary pause or lapse in judgement. While there is value in reviewing the mistake and strategizing ways to avoid it in the future, this is best saved for after the game.

The Art of Intention

As parents, coaches and trainers, our role is to do more than encourage kids to pursue their passions; we need to help them clearly define their intentions. This goes beyond goal setting, but, without a doubt, includes goal setting. When students are able to define why they love to do what they do, it is easier to prioritize year-round commitments and weed out the excess. If your student sets a clear and specific athletic intention first, it is easier to persevere, identify when a goal is achieved and know when it’s time to set a new goal.

Sports and Character: Perseverance As always, Competitive Edge is here to help students fine-tune their athletic skillsets. This goes beyond technique and extends to the mental stamina and long list of transferable life skills every athlete develops along the way. If your student wants to cross-train or invest in off-season training, reach out to Competitive Edge today to discuss their year-round options!


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