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Soccer: Building Fitness and Sportsmanship in Today’s Youth

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October 5, 2017

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Soccer is one of the many sports for which Competitive Edge provides year-round camps, workshops and private training. Our skill-boosting training isn’t just for students who aim to make the varsity team or play in competitive leagues, but for students of all levels who have a love of the game. There are many reasons to encourage kids of all ages and athletic ability to consider soccer as an extracurricular activity.

More Than Just a Sport

Any sport your child participates in will help them develop sport-specific skills and improve their current level of physical fitness. When speaking of soccer, speed, agility, coordination and endurance are a must. What makes soccer even more unique is that it allows for minimal hand contact. Instead, students must learn to use their feet to dribble, pass and shoot the ball. They even have to learn to bounce the ball off their head! With the amount of running up and down the field required in soccer, it is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise.

Cooperation and Communication

Soccer is an ideal way to develop social skills and the ability to work together as part of a cohesive team. Whether playing defense, offense or goalkeeper, working together is the only way to run a play, revise a play on the fly, or score a goal. Even the most skilled forward will need to pass the ball to their teammates making both cooperation and communication a must. This team approach to play also makes soccer a more comfortable sport for students who are shy, or who aren’t the most athletically inclined.

The Benefits of Competitive Edge Soccer Training

Our year-round soccer camps and workshops are designed to be both fun and productive. Our coaches provide a safe and supportive place for your student athlete to expand their athletic skillset. Here are just of few of the key areas of focus your student will improve when you sign them up for one-on-one training or group soccer training:

  • Improved agility, which improves performance and reduces the risk of injury
  • Improved leg strength, which boosts sprint speed and jump performance
  • Improved technique and core stability designed to reduce ACL injuries
  • Whole body strength and stability exercises that complement soccer
  • Neck and upper body exercises that help reduce the risk of concussions

Soccer: Building Fitness and Sportsmanship in Today’s YouthIf soccer is not your student’s sport of choice, we also provide skill-specific training in baseball, softball, basketball, football, golf, lacrosse, track and field, and wrestling. This is in addition to our VertiMax resistance and jump training, customized school programs and summer camps. Don’t forget that we have adult fitness training, too!

Competitive Edge aims to develop the “complete athlete” using performance sports training in Woodbridge, VA and surrounding areas. Members are able to enhance their athletic performance and develop a competitive edge to excel in their desired sport.

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