January 20


Psychological Benefits of Off-Season Training

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January 20, 2017

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Off-season training has plenty of physical benefits like injury prevention, maintaining or boosting your physical fitness level, improving your skills and agility and many more. Did you know that off-season training can help you psychologically, too? It’s not just your body that benefits from exercise. Your mind also gets a boost from physical exercise. Here are just a few of the psychological benefits of off-season training.

Keep your head in the game – It’s tempting after a long season of hard work to take some time off. And maybe a week turns into a month or two and before you know it your whole off-season was spent relaxing instead of keeping up your physical fitness to prepare for next season. While you should listen to your body and rest as you need to, don’t let that time off snowball into longer than you physically need. Taking too much time off not only opens you up for physical injury, it’s mentally tougher to get back into the game when you lose your physical fitness. Don’t get complacent in the off-season and you’ll feel more mentally and physically fit when your season starts back up again.

Stay focused on your goals – Taking too much time off is a slippery slope to relaxing too much and losing sight of your goals. When you’re consistently working, even during the off-season, your goals are at the forefront of your mind. They’re also going to be more realistically attainable if you’re maintaining your physical fitness during the off-season. Setting goals that are unattainable makes it very tough on you mentally, so staying fit and keeping those goals in reach is the best way to stay focused and achieve what you set out to accomplish.

Don’t lose your competitive edge – With complacency about goals comes lack of competitive spirit. If you’re not participating in team sports, you lose a bit of your competitive edge. Training, especially in a group, during the off-season can help you keep that competitive spirit alive within yourself and your teammates. Exercising together can help you all keep each other on your toes with a little healthy competition.

Combat depression – Exercise is healthy for your mind as well as your body. If your off-season happens to fall in the winter months, you might experience a little seasonal depression, which affects many people. Physical exercise produces endorphins which help boost your mood. The Mayo Clinic says that exercise also reduces immune system chemicals that can worsen depression and increases your body temperature, which may have calming effects. Off-season training can give you comraderie and social interaction, which can lift your spirits. You’ll keep your physical fitness level up, which can boost your confidence. It also gives you a healthy outlet for coping with daily stressors.

Learn more about all our on- and off-season training programs to find the one that’s right for you. We want to help improve your physical and mental fitness so that you can keep your head in the game and succeed.

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