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Off-Season Agility Training

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January 12, 2017

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If you do the same workout every time you hit the gym, things can start to get stale. (Burpees, again? Sigh.) And while your brain might get bored with the same routine, your muscles are also snoozing. Mixing up your routine, especially during the off-season, is a fun way to shake things up, keep you motivated and challenge your muscles.

Agility training helps you control the direction of your movements while having great control over your body. This type of training can benefit you in just about every sport. It increases your heartrate and improves your blood flow and can help with overall cardiovascular health. Agility training can also help you prevent injuries. You can have increased multi-planar coordination, which is a fancy term for improving the three ways you can move. The main ways your body can move are frontwards and backwards, side to side and rotationally and agility training helps with all three of these. It can also improve your focus, make you more aware of your movements and improve your mind and body connection.

Multi-planar movement helps with your balance, which will in turn help with your athletic performance and injury prevention. When you move your body in ways it is naturally meant to move, in all planes, you improve your natural sense of balance. Unlike most gym routines which occur in one plane of motion, agility training gives you workouts that improve the way your body is supposed to naturally move. Better balance means less chance of a fall or serious injury by losing your footing during your chosen sport.

Agility training will help with your overall physical fitness. You push through plateaus in fitness by changing your routine and challenging your muscles. Going outside of your usual sport and gym routine will help move you to the next level of physical fitness.

There are several different, simple agility drills you can add into your routine. Ladder drills are used to improve your coordination and your footwork. These quick drills are done on the balls of your feet at a fast pace, while maintaining form. Cone drills will help you improve changing direction, body awareness and coordination.

Not only will agility training help you be a better athlete, it’s fun! If you’ve ever watched kids playing on the playground at recess, a lot of their play is similar to the exercises you will do during agility training. Kids naturally want to move in all directions during play, like climbing, crawling, jumping and running. As adults, we tend to sit still for much of the day. Your body is made to move. Listen to it and you will improve your overall strength, health and happiness.

We offer agility training through our Sports Flex program. Sports Flex is designed to increase athletes’ flexibility while building strength. The exercise movements are centered on Yoga but combines strength, balance, flexibility, and rest to gain improved physical fitness. Sports Flex increases strength by toning and lengthening the muscles. Athletes will focus on relaxing their bodies and concentrated breathing to bring about mental clarity and stress control.

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