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Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick With Competitive Edge

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January 4, 2018

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Boredom is one of the top reasons weight loss and fitness resolutions don’t stick and also why working out solo in a standard gym is often abandoned only a few weeks into the New Year. Variety is the spice of life, which is why Competitive Edge has a wide-range of beginner to competitive level classes, clinics and year-round training programs. Our impressive selection will make it easy to achieve your fitness resolutions!

Scheduled Adult Fit Classes

Your schedule gets busier by the day making it more important now than ever to schedule your workouts in advance. Your goal should be to workout at least 30-minutes four or five days a week, with a mix of both cardio and strength training. Committing to even one or two scheduled 60-minute Adult Fit classes per week is an excellent way to prevent boredom, make new friends and even keep you motivated during your at-home workouts. Once you commit to one of our fitness classes, your instructor and classmates will hold you accountable for showing up each week. No two sessions are alike, and all sessions are fun and fast-paced, yet modified for your fitness level.

Sport-Specific Training

Competitive Edge has endless options of sport-specific and athletic cross-training opportunities. This is perfect for everyone from the casual golfer, elementary school athlete, competitive and collegiate athlete, to anyone who simply wants to improve in the sports they love most. We train solo, in groups, and even with your entire team. This includes the off-season training that helps keep you fit and well-rounded. Look for classes or seasonal clinics for:

  • Baseball and softball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Track and field
  • Vertimax resistance/jump training
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling
  • Personal training for any sport

Private Training

In-between your group classes, you and your kids can schedule private training, which is fully customized to help you achieve your health and fitness or athletic goals. Your trainer will establish goals such as a target BMI, increased strength, improved endurance, greater flexibility or range of motion, and sport-specific goals. As with all of our training sessions, your instructor will provide you with dietary and health tips that will support your individual goals.

Sports Summer Camp

We’re still in the heart of winter, but don’t forget our Sports Summer Camp program, which is available to kids of all skill levels, ages 6 through 13. Sign your kids up for one week or the entire summer. Camp runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with the option of before and after-hours care that makes it easy for working parents to conveniently drop-off and pick-up your kids. Our Sports Summer Camp helps kids stay active during the summer months and is an excellent way to make new friends.

Make Your 2018 New Year's Resolution Stick With Competitive EdgeOur standard class memberships for both students and adults can be purchased in three, six and 12-month plans. You can also drop in, rent out our specific training areas by the hour or purchase personal training packages. Reach out today to learn more!

Competitive Edge aims to develop the “complete athlete” using performance sports training in Woodbridge, VA and surrounding areas. Members are able to enhance their athletic performance and develop a competitive edge to excel in their desired sport.

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