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December 7, 2017

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While we don’t have an ice skating rink at Competitive Edge, we are a popular spot for Woodbridge hockey players to cross train. Cross training can be achieved in one-on-one sessions designed to improve specific areas of opportunity, or in our speed and agility or VertiMax training programs. Below are a few ways we can help you develop your hockey skills.

Well-Rounded Training

It is not uncommon for athletes to become so focused on their primary sports that they over or undertrain different areas of their body. This unbalanced approach to athletics is a common cause of sports-related injuries and a common roadblock to improved performance. Overtraining one area of the body can also lead to pain, decreased range of motion and injury. By signing up for off-season or complementary on-season training, you will benefit from whole body training and training the secondary muscle groups required to excel on the ice.

Speed and Agility Training

Speed and agility are required in every sport but are essential when on the ice. Plays can change in an instant, requiring every member of the team to instantly shift direction. This must be achieved while maintaining balance and speed. We help hockey players develop their skills with a fun, supportive and versatile combination of drills, plyometric training, and strength and resistance training.

VertiMax Jump Training

Another fun and challenging method of cross training is our VertiMax jump training. While vertical jumping may not be a primary skill required of hockey players, this advanced training system is designed to increase speed and power. It is also a fun and unique way to train and condition your body.

Position Versatility

One of the things that makes hockey unique is that position versatility is required, even at the professional level. In other words, you may play defense one game and forward the next. Or you may be invited to play on your dream team, but only if you master a position they need to fill. In order to meet the needs of your team, you will need to develop both the physical and strategic skills required for your current, secondary or newly assigned position. Competitive Edge cross training is ideal for developing needed versatility, because we focus on whole body training and a diverse range of physical challenges.

Personalized Training

While our training sessions are often completed in a group, our instructors take the time to assess each athlete’s strengths and areas of opportunity. This allows them to personalize training accordingly.

To learn more about cross training to improve yours or your student athlete’s hockey skill set, reach out to us today!

Competitive Edge aims to develop the “complete athlete” using performance sports training in Woodbridge, VA and surrounding areas. Members are able to enhance their athletic performance and develop a competitive edge to excel in their desired sport.

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