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Competitive Edge Camps: Cooperation and Teamwork

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May 18, 2017

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Competitive Edge sports camps aren’t just designed for kids who are avid athletes. We offer a supportive and at-your-own-pace multi-sport day camp that teaches students a variety of athletic and life skills. Two of the most valuable life skills our campers leave with are cooperation and teamwork.

Multi-Sport Equals Multiple Skill-Developing Opportunities

Our multi-sport camp offers soccer, basketball, baseball, football, tennis, swimming and free play. Each sport requires students to learn sport-specific strategies. These strategies vary, depending on the apparatus used, the number of athletes per game or team, and the level of experience. By offering a multi-sport camp, our campers develop more cooperation and teamwork skills than if they focus only on an individual sport. There is value in mastering sport-specific cooperation skills, but we also believe, the more the merrier!

Natural Talent Isn’t Required to Develop These Skills

Your student athlete need not have natural talent to develop or build upon their cooperation and teamwork skillset. It’s inevitable your child will enjoy one or two of these sports more than others, and they may have a couple that aren’t their strong suit. However, there is a misconception that you have to excel in something to develop new skills. Each and every member of the team will develop athletic and life skills simply by participating.

Sports Camp Provides a Diverse Training Opportunity

Since we are not an athletic team, we also provide our campers the opportunity to try positions they may not have the chance to practice or play while on a team with designated positions. This is empowering for students who want to try something new, and a valuable opportunity for skilled athletes to learn how to operate outside of their comfort zone. It also provides all students a greater respect for roles and positions.

The Value of a Cohesive Team

Our campers will have the opportunity to be part of many combinations of teams. They can watch and participate in teams that are skilled, but don’t communicate or work together well. On the flipside, they will watch and participate in teams with average skills, but who communicate and work together well. The teams that have mastered, or are at least better developed in cooperation and teamwork, often win.

Everyone on Your Team Has Value

Competitive Edge Camps: Cooperation and TeamworkEven if kids are only team members for one day of camp, they will learn to trust and work together as a team. It feels good to be part of a team, and every member of the team plays a valuable role. This is an essential lesson for kids to learn, and the younger the better. Your teammates will cheer them on when doing well and lift their spirits when they miss the mark.

We encourage parents to consider Competitive Edge day camp for students of all levels of athletic skill and interest. One of our main goals is to provide structured fun, a place to make new friends and a healthy way to spend their summer break. To learn more about our multi-sport camp or our baseball/softball camp, reach out to us today.


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