July 11


Clinics and Lessons at Competitive Edge

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July 11, 2019

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Don’t let your kids’ sports skills slip just because it’s summer break! Keep your little athletes in tip-top condition, so they are ready for tryouts in the fall! Help them improve strength, agility, power, explosiveness, flexibility, stability and athletic confidence with extra training sessions. Check out these summer clinics and lessons available for your kids. 

Basketball Clinics

We are offering basketball clinics that run for the month of July with our resident expert, Sam Brown. There are clinics for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

  • Beginners – Designed for kids ages 6 to 9 years old with little to no experience. The basket for these classes is lowered to 8 feet.
  • Intermediate – Designed for intermediate players with some basketball experience and skill. The basket for these classes is 10 feet.
  • Advanced – Designed for players 15 years and older with high basketball experience and skill. The basket for these classes is 10 feet.

There are also private training sessions available. The cost for private sessions is $45 for one session, $160 for four sessions or $290 for 8 sessions.

Summer Break Unlimited Training Pass

There’s still plenty of time to take advantage of this awesome deal! We are offering a summer pass for student athletes for $375 for the summer or $150 per month. The pass is good through the end of August.

Students can train all summer long Monday through Friday at 4, 5 and 6 p.m. and Saturday at 10 a.m. This pass is for athletes ages 7 and up. Training includes speed and agility, strength training, conditioning and flexibility. To make things fun, we have weekly challenges and prizes!

These training sessions are great for any sport or for students who just want to be active and healthy over the summer.


Soccer Speed and Agility Training

This off-season speed and agility training will help your child hone their soccer skills in the off-season. Sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. The cost is $120 for eight sessions. Training will help:

  • Improve speed and agility
  • Improve footwork on the field
  • Improve explosiveness and power
  • Increase athletic confidence
  • Develop flexibility and stability

Vertimax Jump and Resistance Training

No matter what sport your child is into, Vertimax Jump and Resistance Training can help improve jumping, speed and agility. This training will improve speed, strength, explosiveness and power. This is plyometric training using a resistance band system. The cost is $35 for one session, $115 for four sessions or $195 for eight sessions.

To sign up for any of these clinics, visit our online portal. For more information about any of our services, contact us online or at 571-398-2813.

Competitive Edge aims to develop the “complete athlete” using performance sports training in Woodbridge, VA and surrounding areas. Members can enhance their athletic performance and develop a competitive edge to excel in their desired sport.  




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