January 5


Boost That Strength Training Even Off-Season

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January 5, 2017

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As athletes, we train so hard during the season; that it’s sometimes tempting to take a breather during the off-season, right? Well, while your body can benefit from taking it easy from time to time, the off-season is a great time to boost your focus on strength training. You can still practice the skills required for your sport at a lighter intensity, but focus much of your time on developing your overall strength. Here are a few benefits from strength training during the off season.

  • Take your game to the next level – To improve your skills during the next season, put in the work during the off season and get stronger! Strength training will help you decrease body fat and build the lean muscle and endurance you need to help push yourself a little further and do better during the season, and we all want that, right? Lean muscle increases your neuromuscular efficiency, metabolism and provides the foundation you need to achieve your goals during the next season.
  • Prevent injuries – Your body works as a system — your bones, ligaments, muscles, joints and tendons all work together to create movement. When your muscles are stronger, you provide a stronger support system for the rest of your body, which greatly decreases your chances of injury while you’re playing your preferred game. Weak muscles could lead to you riding the bench for the rest of the season, so make sure you to build strength all over so you have the best chances to prevent injuries.
  • Focus on more than just playing your sport – The off-season is the ideal time to really build strength. During the season, you spend so much of your time devoted to building the skills you need to play your sport. The off-season provides the extra time so that you can devote hours to just building up your strength. Take advantage of that time!
  • Shock your body into changing – Your body becomes accustomed to what you do routinely, including what you eat and your activities. To make changes to your body composition, you need to switch up your routine from time to time. The off-season provides the perfect opportunity to change things up and shock your body into building more muscle.

Listen to your body and take a little time to breathe, but don’t let the off-season undo your on-season. Stay focused, stay motivated and become your strongest self. Get ready to take your game to the next level when you return refreshed, strong and ready to impress your teammates. Rest assured that you’ll be playing safely as your muscles protect your body from injuries during your games. Your newly strengthened body will burn calories more efficiently and perform at a higher level during game play. Making this healthy choice will help boost your performance in the game and in your life!

Competitive Edge offers off-season training to help with your game year-round. At our facility in Woodbridge, VA we offer an amazing number of programs that aid in gaining the speed, strength, agility and fitness you need to be the best you can be. Come on in and sharpen your edge!

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