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6 Tips to Get Your High School Athlete Ready for Spring Sports

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March 7, 2019

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We’re finally starting to see the sunshine again, and with spring comes a whole new season of sports. Maybe your high school athlete plays different sports throughout the year, or maybe you’re just coming out of the off-season. No matter where you high schooler is in his or her athletic journey, we have our best tips for getting ready for spring sports.

  • Keep up with your training over breaks – If you’re in the off-season, keep your body in tip-top condition by continuing to train. Serious athletes take relative rest, which means changing up your training routine so you can rest muscles that you use the most during your chosen sport. Continue to do cross-training activities to keep your cardio conditioning in the off-season.
  • Ease back into the season – Even if you’ve kept up with conditioning in the off-season, training during the spring season can be much more intense. Pace yourself to get through the season without putting yourself at risk of injury or burnout. After games and practices, allow yourself to rest and recover.
  • Get a physical – School sports require an annual physical, but if yours isn’t coming up before the spring season, it’s a good idea to get in to see a doctor and assess your physical condition. The doctor can assess anything that might put you at risk for injury during the season.
  • 6 Tips to Get Your High School Athlete Ready for Spring SportsWork on nutrition – Sometimes we let nutrition slide a bit in the off-season, and it’s ok to be human and enjoy indulgences here and there. Getting back into the routine of the season should mean getting into the habit of healthy eating most of the time. If you need help with your nutrition, you can discuss it with your doctor during your physical, get a referral to a nutritionist or talk with your coach.
  • Get organized – Between school work, practices, scrimmages, games and travel, the spring season can get hectic. Find a method of organizing your week that works for you, whether that’s in a paper planner, on a device or a combination of different styles. Plan your weeks out ahead of time and make sure to block out time for homework, projects, studying, practices, travel time and game time. As tempting as it is to procrastinate, you’ll thank yourself if you stay on top of your schedule and do your school work on time. Don’t forget to block out time to rest!
  • Pay attention to your body – Some muscle soreness comes with the territory in any physical activity, but pay close attention to your body. If you’re in pain, don’t push through it. Let your coach know and see a doctor. A slight pain now could turn into a season-ending injury if you continue to ignore it.


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