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6 Team-Building Activities for Youth Sports Teams

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November 15, 2018

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Team-building for youth sports teams happens on the field and at practice, but a large component of sports is social. It’s important for kids to participate in team-building activities off the field so they can feel connected, forge important relationships and operate at their peak level on the field. Here are six great team-building activities for youth sports teams.

Fun Activities That Build Friendships

  • Play team-building games – There are many options out there for team-building games that will help kids learn better communications skills and create friendships with their teammates. One game in particular kids can play is a simple but effective team-building game with a packet of colored dot stickers. The coach places one colored dot on each child’s head and the children must communicate non-verbally to group themselves by colored dot.
  • Meals together – Plan a potluck for your team, a picnic at the park or get a private party room in a restaurant where everyone can sit down together and share a meal. It’s a fun social time for the kids when they can enjoy a special meal out with friends.
  • Volunteer as a team – Have the kids vote on their favorite community service project, and tackle it as a team. The kids will experience the joy of giving back to their community and learn to work together in an environment off the field.
  • Arts and crafts time – Pick a fun DIY project and have everyone work on it together. You could visit a local art studio and have a private paint party just for the team, or find a fun craft to do online and let the kids work together to follow the steps. This will give the kids on the team a creative outlet and time for some social interaction.
  • Travel together – Taking a bus, train, van or even a plane as a team can be a great bonding experience. Keep electronic use to a minimum to encourage the kids to interact with one another and enjoy one another’s company.
  • Bonding outings – There are so many possibilities for team-building outings you can take. Visit and hike a local park, camp together, go to a group movie, see a play together. Any chance for social interaction where the kids have fun will help build an enjoyable team culture and a strong team bond.

Rent Space As a Team for Even More Bonding Moments

IMG_7414_1Competitive Edge offers many options for teams to work together in our facilities. Teams can rent space to train together to save money, scrimmage, work through plays before the game, run drills with multiple players and work on team building on the field. There are clinics and classes teams can take together. We also have a space for teams to review video footage of games and talk strategy together. For more information on what we have to offer, get in touch with us!


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