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4 Great Reasons to Try Yoga

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August 17, 2018

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We see yoga pop up all over the place — from television and movies to public parks and even wineries. Yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years, so not only is it a trend right now, it’s rooted in history and it’s here to stay.

If you’re looking to gain physical strength and mental clarity, yoga is a great activity to pick up. There’s a reason people are so deeply devoted to their yoga practices. Here are four great reasons to try yoga.

  • Yoga is great for people of all fitness levels. There is even yoga for babies. Some people have the misconception that you have to be at a certain fitness level to start a yoga practice, or that you need to be able to twist your body into a pretzel. The beauty of a yoga practice is that it’s just that — practice. Yoga is an individual journey. You learn not to compare the poses you can do to the poses others can. Yoga classes are all open level. This means if you’re a beginner, you may start with the modified version of different poses. And if you find any pose is too difficult, you’re always welcome to go into child’s pose, a resting pose.
  • Yoga teaches you to be mindful. There is a meditative aspect of yoga which teaches you to limit distractions and be present. This is a helpful skill, especially in today’s world with so many technological distractions. Mindfulness can help you in all areas of your life. It can improve your focus at work or school, improve your interpersonal relationships, help you improve your nutrition and create new, healthy habits.
  • Yoga helps you build strength and flexibility. As you practice yoga, you’ll find yourself growing stronger, more sculpted and flexible. If you have aches and pains due to tightness in your muscles, yoga can help relax those muscles and diminish that discomfort over time. Practicing yoga can help improve your posture (and make you more mindful of incorrect posture), which can help ease back pain. Building muscle can protect you from issues like arthritis and back pain.
  • Yoga is portable. You can practice yoga just about anywhere on Earth, making it an easy and healthy habit to stick with. All you really need is a yoga mat, once you learn some basic poses. There are many options online to learn yoga poses. It’s much easier to stick to a habit when it’s available to you anytime and anywhere.

4 Great Reasons to Try YogaIf you want to get all these benefits, Competitive Edge has an upcoming event on Saturday, September 22, 2018 from noon to 3 p.m. Join us for the Mind & Body Movement Celebrating National Yoga Month. We will have special guest instructors helping you start your new practice or deepen your existing one.

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