How many cages do you have?

We have 9 cages (three with automatic pitching machines; two for pitching/catching instruction; three for practice sessions; and one multi-use utility cage

Do I need to be on a baseball / softball time to use the facility?

No, our facility is available to anyone who would like to walk-in and take a few swings in our batting cages. Please see our schedule for availability.

Do you require a membership to use your facility?

Members are not limited to cage time and do not pay for each visit. After the initial 90 day membership agreement, the customer must contact us at baseball@competitiveedgeva.com to cancel

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located at 14849 Persistence Drive, Woodbridge, VA. Just one mile from Veteran’s Park and Woodbridge Little League.

Do your pitching machines use tokens?

No, our machines are push button operated and time based. A machine only throws 12 balls each time it is started. 12 is the most balls anyone gets in a row if others are in line to use it. All time is shared time; everyone must take turns in the cages.

Do you need a Liability Waiver?

Yes. All participants must complete a waiver before using the facility. Waivers are to be completed by coaches and players and can be found at our front desk and online.

Do you allow Walk-in Guests?

Due to COVID-19, walk-ins are prohibited until further notice. Please go online to reserve your space.

Can softball players use the Iron Mike machines?

Softball players can use the Iron Mike machines, however, we also have a JUGS machine for rent for softball players.