Core Training Sessions

S.P.O.T. – Sport Performance Optimum Training

The Sport Performance Optimum Training (S.P.O.T.). S.P.O.T. focuses on improving speed, strength, stamina, flexibility and stability to enhance athletic development and improve their sport specific skills. Training sessions will consist of exercises and drills that work on resistance strength, acceleration, maximal velocity, multidirectional movement, dynamic flexibility, and plyometrics. In addition, weight lifting for advanced and older athletes will be introduced.

Resistance Training

Resistance training is an integral and crucial part of any athlete’s training plan. Resistance training works to increase muscle strength and endurance by doing repetitive exercises with resistance bands, i.e. K-bands or Speedtracs, weights, or weight machines. Resistance training provides a platform to strengthen weak muscles without a heavy work load and it is a prime injury prevention component.

Cardio Conditioning

Getting in shape for the season? Cardio Combo keeps you moving by combining various cardio workouts such as sprints, jogging and total body strength training to improve your aerobic fitness.

Elite Speed Training

Speed and agility are necessary ingredients for success in any sport. This training session focuses on teaching athletes the correct running form and how to accelerate, whether it is first step quickness, or changing directions.

Strength Training

This training session focuses on strength development through the use of machine assisted weights, free weights, and body weight training methods. Instruction on proper lifting technique and training methodologies will be the foundation of these sessions. (This training starts with athletes ages 14 and older.)


TRXFit is an intermediate/advanced class that combines intervals of bodyweight suspension exercises using the TRX system with an intense combination of muscle conditioning exercising including traditional boot camp and plyometric exercises.

Sports Flex

Sports Flex is designed to increase athletes’ flexibility while building strength. The exercise movements are centered on Yoga but combines strength, balance, flexibility, and rest to gain improved physical fitness. Sports Flex increases strength by toning and lengthening the muscles. Athletes will focus on relaxing their bodies and concentrated breathing to bring about mental clarity and stress control.

Private Training

We understand that every athlete has different personal goals and athletic ability. Private training sessions enable athletes to receive individual instruction in specific areas of their game. Our one-on-one sessions will emphasize areas of speed and power development, sports specific training, general fitness, and nutrition. (Available for youth and adults). Sessions are by appointment only and run 60-90 minutes in length. Minimum of 3 sessions must be scheduled.

Age Divisions

Ages 7-9 (Developmental Athletics)

Our Developmental Athletics training age is designed to develop an athletic foundation in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. This training group will embrace the fundamentals of Plyometrics such as running technique, athletic coordination, balance and relative strength and the introduction of essential muscular movement patterns.

Ages 10-13 (Elevated Athletics)

Our next level of training focuses on progressing and maintaining athletic development and instilling necessary skills of speed, agility, and power. This repeated rehearsal leads to muscle memory training bringing about long-lasting and positive athletic change. We will begin to introduce strength and power exercises during these training sessions. As athletes naturally increase in height, weight, strength and aggressiveness, the need for improved joint integrity is vital for reducing the chance of injury.

Ages 14-17 (Competitive Edge Athletics)

Athletes at this training level have developed muscle power and strength and the essential skills of speed, agility, and power. Competitive Edge Athletes are now at the High School competitive sports level where we seek to fine-tune their athletic prowess and incorporate specific training regimens to build the “Complete Athlete”. In essence, each athlete is optimized according to their biggest areas of improvement. During the performance training, our sessions begin to highlight sporting demands. We provide endless combinations of athletic skill training so competing in the game is effortless. In addition, focus on Strength and Power increases with moderate and heavy loads to optimize power output.

Ages 18 – up (Adult Fit)

The Adult Fit Program is developed to include all fitness levels. Participants are pushed and encourage to work hard for maximum results but it also allows beginners to work at their own pace. Adult Fit campers receive a total body workout with our sessions. Sessions include interval training, speed and agility drills, stations, plyometrics, resistance, body weight strength drills, cardio mix, and much more. Most of the drills are timed to allow all fitness levels to get the best workout possible.


Team Training (Elite Athletics Program)

The Team Training program is designed to complement the skill development that athletes receive at practice and improve overall performance in a variety of sports, i.e. Baseball, Basketball, Track and Field, Football, Soccer, and Volleyball. Athletes benefit from an array of training techniques designed to deliver an organized, progressive program for an entire team. This program will deliver a challenging workout that is organized, educational, progressive, and customized for your sport team.

F.O.R.C.E. – Football Training Program

The F.O.R.C.E. training program is geared for athletes seeking a unique approach to sports training. Participants train in a group setting and are grouped according to their age and ability. The F.O.R.C.E. Training Program is Non-Contact and provides athletes with a solid foundation of fundamentals and increased football I.Q., through football instruction, group physical and mental conditioning. Members will train with athletes throughout Northern Virginia to prepare for their upcoming season.

Competitive Edge Soccer

Competitive Edge Soccer implements progressive training techniques that improve athletes’ movements and mechanics. Each session incorporates a comprehensive approach to training that develops Dribbling & Ball Handling, Passing and Receiving, and Attacking to Defending 1v1 which incorporates finishing and striking skills to create scoring opportunities off the dribble; most effective moves in front of the goal; when to use finesse versus power; and how to finish breakaways.

Home School Physical Education

Our Home School P.E. program is designed to improve students’ motor skills, overall fitness level, and to be enjoyable for home school students. This program allows the opportunity for social interaction and development with fellow home schoolers. In addition to our athletic sports training, we incorporate the SPARK PE curriculum into our PE classes to provide a variety of fun and challenging activities that will instill safe and effective fitness habits for our students. SPARK PE is the most researched and field-tested Physical Education program in the world – a true solution to our growing problem of overweight and obese children.

Adult Fit Athletics

Adult Fit Athletics is for adults (Men and Women) wanting to get in shape as well as collegiate/intramural athletes wanting to train for their sport. The Adult program is designed to actively challenge effort and coordination with 60-minute movement-based sessions. No two sessions are alike, and all are fun and fast-paced which is unique compared to a traditional gym-based workout. The result is an increase in fitness as well as improved metabolism, body composition, and exercise technique.

Summer Sports Day Camps

Our Summer Sports Day Camps introduce campers to a broad range of sports and activities, i.e. Basketball, Track and Field, Football, Soccer, and Tennis to name a few. Campers will learn how to work with teammates and the value of good sportsmanship in an atmosphere of healthy competition. Competitive Edge staff modify activities to enhance the individual skill level of both the novice and experienced campers.