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Get the Competitive Edge!

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December 15, 2016

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Welcome to the Competitive Edge Blog!

If you have never experienced Competitive Edge Athletic Performance Center or if you have been working with us for a while, our blog is aimed at you.

Yes, you!

We want to help you develop your “complete athlete,” whether it be yourself or someone else. At our facility in Woodbridge, VA we offer an amazing number of programs that aid in gaining the speed, strength, agility and fitness you need to be the best you can be.

“Such an awesome program for our Prince William County Community.”

If you are not sure who we are, allow us to share a little bit of info: Competitive Edge is an awesome multi-sports facility designed to train youth athletes. We offer training sessions, clinics and camps that focus on improving technique, stamina and flexibility.

Our goal is to enhance athletic performance and improve sport-specific skills. Our sports complex includes batting cages, pitching tunnels, a mini-tennis court, running speed lanes and a weight room.
In our blog, we want to share with you information about our programs and facilities, as well as great information that will help you in your everyday life to keep that goal in mind.
And, it’s also about being healthy. We Americans don’t need to be harped on about our waistlines, right? But we do need to remember how important being healthy and active is for our mind as well as our body. How is it we can help you with that?

Talk the Talk

We have a bunch of things we want to talk about. Being an athlete is not just about being a baseball player or a lacrosse player. It is about having an athletic state of mind. Maybe you aren’t a soccer star, but are you a mental gymnast? Where do you compete and how do you discipline yourself for the competitions in your life? Are you taking yourself to your edge? We plan to cover subjects such as nutrition, agility training, teamwork and the positive power of sports in the lives of our team and yours.

Walk the Walk

Our mission to provide the best programs, supportive staff and top-notch equipment, so that we can fully meet the wide variety of our clients’ needs. At our facility, we hold camps and clinics that work on moving you forward every day. From our blog, we want to walk that walk as well. We want to provide the best information from our great knowledge base that supports your healthy choices and move you forward out in the world as well.

Have Fun

And, we want you to have fun! When we step up to be the best, it makes us happy and, then, of course, there is going to be fun. Our hope is that our stories and knowledge give off that vibe of athletic enjoyment and appreciation for sports and fitness.

Our team can’t wait to share their knowledge, ideas, and maybe a little humor with you to keep you in a healthy state of mind. We know you will enjoy our conversations, and we hope you stay in touch with your Edge through our blogs and at our facility. Come on in to see us in Woodbridge and share with us what gives you the Competitive Edge!

Need more info? Contact Competitive Edge today!

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