CE is a shared space, time based facility that is open to athletes as a walk-in guest, member, or team.



Walk-in Guests

The public is welcome as walk-in guests for $20/hour. This time begins when you sign-in at the front desk. Your fee covers time in the facility and your use of any cage not rented / used for lessons. You do not get a cage to yourself.



Members obey the same rules as walk-in guest, however, they are not limited to time and do not pay each visit. You may find that as a frequent visitor a membership will save you money. Please see our Membership page for more details.



All cages can be rented by the hour or half-hour for exclusive use (typically done by teams, groups or softball players). Cages must be reserved in advanced and can be done on our website. Please see our Rental page for details.





  • Only paid guests or members are allowed to hit in the cages (this includes parents). Parents are allowed to throw or do drills with their child free of charge.
  • All time is shared time, and time based. No one gets a cage exclusively unless they rent it.
  • No throwing or hitting is allowed in machine cages if others want to use the machines
  • The machine throws 10 balls before it restarts for the next in line
  • EVERYONE must pick up all the balls they hit or throw in ANY cage and return them to the buckets/machines during their session and before they leave
  • Iron-Mike machines throw real baseballs. Our Jugs machine is our only softball throwing machine, and must be rented by the hour. This is done because you have exclusive use of that cage. When rented, you can bring in extra players at no additional cost.
  • Sometimes our cages are rented or used for lessons. Please call ahead or check our website for cage availability. Iron Mike cages are kept open as much as possible.
  • Use of the Jugs machine requires a cage rental fee of $45/half-hour or $65/hour.